Rumble! How Boxing's Greatest Match Was Made
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Hank Schwartz

Foreword by
Smokin Joe Frazier

Softcover, 406 pages
Acanthus Publishing, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-9913107-2-2
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2010 Book Award WinnerWinner of the Gold Medal at the 2010 Independent Book Publishers Awards - Now Available in softcover

Originally published in 2010 as From the Corners of the Ring to the Corners of the Earth: The Adventure Behind the Champions, this is the hilarious, thrill-a-minute story of how a Jewish engineer from Brooklyn came to be the promoter of the most famous fight in boxing history—the Ali-Foreman Rumble in the Jungle. The hoops Hank Schwartz jumped through to pull it off make for an over-the-top page-turner peopled with Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, the unscrupulous dictators of developing nations, the biggest banks in the world, Howard Cosell, and, of course, "Mr. Self-Promotion," Don King.

Everyone should read this real-life story and discover what really went on behind the scenes in the making of these championship title fights. Hank Schwartz includes all the people and the political, social and economic happenings that made up golden era of the heavyweight title. This book tells it all. I was there, I lived it and Hank has captured it all in this accurate retelling of the unbelievable story that was the best boxing the world has ever seen.
--Gene Kilroy, Business Advisor to Muhammad Ali
This book is gonna shake up the world of boxing. It is full of s___t [stuff] that people have not heard before. Most people have no idea what it takes to put a fight together. Hank is the real deal and the way he tells this cannot put the book down. And lemme tell ya dis, dis guy wouda been nowhere if it wasn't fa me (ha-ha-ha)...
--Tommy Gallagher, Trainer
1959 Golden Gloves welter weight champ
Owner, Gallagher's Gym of Champions
ESPN's The Contender

"The insight into this angle of Ali is truly unsurpassed."
--Dr. Scott Weiss, trainer, consultant to the USOC
author Confusing the Enemy: The Cus D'Amato Story

"Hank Schwartz ROCKS! I only knew pieces of this story before I read this book. I laughed, I cried, I was blown away. Whether you are into boxing or not, this book is a grabber from the first paragraph."
--Tim Morehouse, US Olympic Fencer - Silver Medalist & author of American Fencer


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